Hot Yoga Dunedin is Adrienne’s “happy place”.

In 2009, when Donna opened the studio, Adrienne walked into her first yoga class – Bikram yoga. Life changed that day. As a wife, mum to 3 sons, and a grandmother, Adrienne was also a former teacher educator and teacher of Physical Education and Health. A lifetime of high intensity physical activity, exercise and sport had taken it’s toll.

Yoga was exactly what was missing and what she needed. Increased mobility (after all bending over to put your socks and undies on should be easy, right?), decreased pain and generally being easier to live with, were the immediate results.

Yoga has allowed her to rehabilitate and heal where medical interventions had been required to restore structure and function. Yoga provides a space to just “be”, without judgment or expectations when the busyness of life takes hold.

Having moved away from teaching in the education system into business ownership, teaching yoga (initially Bikram yoga) was the perfect way to continue the thing that she loved – sharing a love of movement (asana), movement that is holistic and good for mind, body and soul.

Adrienne has added Yin Yoga and more recently Inferno Hot Pilates to her teaching portfolio. She approaches each modality with a passion that stays true to its intention, each very different – which I’m sure you will notice!