Carla Mulder

Carla started practising yoga in 2011 after making it a New Year Resolution to try out a Bikram class. Like many, she was hooked, and after a particularly stressful period in her high school teaching life, she decided to retrain as a yoga instructor. Carla attended a Tribe-run,Flow Yoga teaching training in Bali in 2016. She has been teaching part time at Hot Yoga Dunedin since then.

Carla took her first Bikram class with little expectation, she had heard of the media buzz around Bikram Yoga and wanted to see if it was a good as it was said to be. As well as the immediate physical challenge of class, Carla found that practicing Bikram brought about slow burn mental change which was difficult to ascribe to the exercise alone. Being forced to look at herself in a full length mirror for 90 minutes was initially really confronting for Carla- and it sometimes still is- but she has developed a greater appreciation of her strength and determination.

The focus on breathing, particularly so in Flow and Yin yoga styles, has helped Carla become more a patient and calm individual. Like many people she has had some difficult periods of work stress and bereavement, and practising yoga has been a constant, where she can wind down the mental cogs and wheels for a period and just be.