Kat Harpur

Another PE teacher, exercise junkie joins the ranks.

Kats passions lie in adventuring, trail running, rock climbing and mountain biking, but she found the perfect balance to these through her Yoga. Yoga deepens awareness in these pursuits, offers strength, helps with injury, guides breath and feeds ones soul. Kat hopes to share her learnings and these benefits with you through instruction that encourages you to explore your practice at a deeper level in a playful yet challenging way – and, as always, guided by breath.

In 2005 as a result of dabbling too much in the above mentioned dark arts Kat became injured, unable to exercise for 6 months (gasp) she took up yoga and meditation to stop from going crazy. (She likes to believe that it worked. Some might still contest that).

In 2012 Kat completed her 200hr RYT at YogaLife Cape Town, South Africa in Vinyasa training and promptly flew to NZ as an invincible (yet very fresh) Yoga teacher to impart great knowledge on the Kiwis. She claims to have come a long way since and every day learns so much from her wonderful students! Kat still sometimes believes that she’s invincible but now knows how much more great knowledge there is to learn – Yoga is just so vast.

Here’s to learning, exploring and adventuring together on our mats.
Smile, breathe, go slow (but not so slow that life passes you by)