Phoebe McMillan

Phoebe was first drawn to yoga to balance the stress of being a university student, and since then its been a constant companion. Coming from an athletic background, Phoebe was initially only drawn to the physical aspects of the practice, however, awareness and passion for the more subtle, mental, and energetic parts of yoga emerged over time. 

Phoebe has trained in Classical Hatha Yoga (500-RYT), and loves teaching and practicing yoga in all its forms. From Yin to Flow, Bikram, Yoga Nidra, or chanting, ‘all yoga is good yoga’ is her favourite motto. 

With a background in mental health and trauma-informed yoga, Phoebe teaches with an emphasis on yoga’s impact on our state of mind. Breath awareness, mindfulness, and the balance between internal and external awareness are common themes within her classes. She sees yoga as an ultimate tool for self-exploration, both on the inner planes and the outer, through physicality and fun! She is thrilled to be part of the Hot Yoga Dunedin teaching team, sharing her passion for yoga and its innate power to heal.