An Inspiring Testimonial - The Power of Hot Yoga

May 23, 2024
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52 days ago I’d never stepped foot inside a yoga studio, hot or otherwise.

But, encouraged by pal Jamie and a stern word from the osteopath who was warning surgery if I didn’t strengthen and lengthen my aching shoulder, I tentatively ventured into my first 90 minute Original 26/2 (formerly Bikram) class at Hot Yoga Dunedin.

They say no one ever forgets their first hot yoga class, and it’s that day one memory which still inspires / terrifies me. Of the 26 postures I could only do four, I sat down five times in fear of fainting, and when welcoming instructor Adrienne mentioned the upcoming 30 day challenge, I swore under my breath in disbelief.

Thankfully a stubborn streak kicked in, and I returned the following day for session two. I only had to sit down once, I could do an extra posture, and, spurred on by my progress, I was hooked.

Sixty classes of hot pilates and yoga in the last fifty two days have followed. I love the heat, the quiet, the appreciation for how both my body and brain have responded to the daily commitment to do nothing more than turn up and do my best.

There’s been blood as the soles of my feet have peeled, sweat in gallons and tears of pride as my 43 year old knees have reclaimed long forgotten flexibility. I’ve farewelled daily Voltaren, eight kilograms and a completed sticker chart of that once-inconceivable 30 day challenge.

Will I ever be a crop top, hot pant clad yogi? Unlikely. But, on the eve of departing Dunedin for the next six months, I’ve found myself seeking out international housesits with hot yoga studios in their neighbourhood. My Hot Yoga Dunedin singlet will be proudly worn in the studios of Osaka, Edinburgh and Trinidad in the coming months, and every time I sling my backpack over my now pain-free shoulder I’ll be giving thanks to Donna, Adrienne, Laura and the HYD team’s supportive kindness and expertise.

Life now includes a little more peace and a lot less pain; I couldn’t recommend Hot Yoga Dunedin more highly.