Our Classes

We provide classes both in-studio and online, catering to diverse needs and skill levels.

With five class styles available on our timetable, our aim is to ensure Yoga and Pilates are accessible to all.

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Our yoga aims to provide a challenging yet adaptable experience, allowing each individual to tailor it to their own body. All classes are beginner-friendly, and with consistent practice, you'll discover the ideal class style for your body each day.

Each of our offered styles possesses its distinct characteristics. While some students enjoy alternating between styles, others prefer to stick to their favourite. Feel free to experiment and find what suits you best!

Yin yoga serves as an excellent complement to the more dynamic styles like Bikram, Hot Flow, Mat Pilates and Inferno Hot Pilates, offering a balance between yin and yang energies.

Original Hot Yoga

60/90 Minute Duration

The Room is heated to 38 degrees celsius with 40% humidity. You will sweat! The class starts with a breathing exercise and a series of set standing postures, followed floor series ending with a breathing exercise.

Hot Flow

60/75 Minute Duration

Our Flow classes are dynamic with a strong focus on synchronising breath with movement. The room is heated to 32 degrees, expect to sweat. Using well-balanced creative sequencing, classes are designed to challenge and inspire you both mentally and physically. Walk away feeling energised, balanced and light!

Inferno Hot Pilates

60 Minute Duration

Inferno Hot Pilates is a fun, challenging, full body, low impact, high intensity workout using Pilates principles. Performed in a room heated to 32 degrees with energetic music Inferno Hot Pilates is an amazing workout using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that strengthens muscles, boosts your metabolism and burns fat – all without the pounding of a high impact workout.

Mat Pilates

75 Minute Duration

Mat Pilates uses different combinations of approximately 50 simple, repetitive exercises to create muscular strength. These exercises can be adapted to provide either gentle strength training for rehabilitation, or a strenuous workout vigorous enough to challenge skilled athletes


60/90 Minute Duration

Yin yoga is a nourishing and meditative form of yoga which works deep into the connective tissues, fascia and joints. The room is warm, around 25 degrees. This practice involves long holds in restorative poses to unlock deeply held tension and helps balance our busy “yang” lifestyles by cultivating patience, stillness and deep relaxation.