Yin yoga is a nourishing and meditative form of yoga which works deep into the connective tissues, fascia and joints. This practice involves long holds in restorative poses to unlock deeply held tension and helps balance our busy “yang” lifestyles by cultivating patience, stillness and deep relaxation.

*60/90 minutes duration

Yin classes are warm.

Rooms are warm at 25 degrees celsius. A comfortable room temperature.

Yin yoga classes are for everyone.

Yin classes are meditative and therapeutic and perfect for anyone wanting to surrender, release and let go. Classes are done on the floor and involve holding poses for 3-5 minutes allowing time for tension to release in the connective tissues, ligaments and joints.

This class complements the energetic ‘yang’ styles of yoga to help balance an active lifestyle.

What to wear.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move.

What to bring.

Bring a yoga mat and water.

Mat and towel hire are available for $2 and $3 respectively.