Emmanuelle Gomez

Emmanuelle came to her first Bikram class in Dunedin in 2012, describing it afterwards as agony and ecstasy and likening it to a snake shedding its old skin and emerging shiny and new. She continued to practise throughout her third pregnancy, yoga providing her with much needed relief from pelvic joint pain and sciatica.

After her youngest daughter was born Emmanuelle stepped up her yoga practise, demonstrating in the National Yoga Asana Championships in 2015. She soon realised she wanted to become a Bikram teacher, training with Evolation in Melbourne later that year.

Emmanuelle credits her yoga practise with helping to transform years of negative thinking patterns and manage her symptoms following a PTSD diagnosis. Yoga has also alleviated years of neck and shoulder pain and straightened her spine – in 2012 she was 173cm and now she is 174.5cm!

Emmanuelle is passionate about encouraging her students to do the very best they can with the body they have today, and loves to see them achieving in class what they once thought was impossible.

Emmanuelle became a Yin teacher in October 2017 and is especially interested in the ways in which emotional pain and trauma can be stored in the body and released through asana.