Natasha Cox

Tash loves finding ways to move her body in fun, creative and challenging ways, both mentally and physically. She has found the perfect home in Hot Yoga Dunedin for this. Although she started yoga before finding the studio, her yoga journey really began here as a student in 2018. Bikram, flow, and now kundalini (a new and very excited lover of this style) have helped in creating physical strength, flexibility, self-love and acceptance, and a deeper connection with herself. All whilst being surrounded by beautiful, like-minded people. Yoga has given so much to Tash already and she cannot wait to share her excitement and love for it with everyone else.

Whilst currently working on her mopping proficiency and style, Tash has recently trained in the Original hot 26 & 2 method and looks forward to seeing you in classes.

You will also find her smiling behind the desk helping in administration or dancing around mopping the floors!