Rosemary Jackson-Hunter

Back in the day, Rosemary was disappointed to learn there was no Brownie Yoga badge… but that didn’t stop her… she persuaded the local library to let her have an adult library card and attempted to teach herself from a book. Yoga had just arrived on the UK TV screens & suddenly everyone wanted to learn. When caught running a yoga class in the playground, the school PE department conscripted Rosemary to teach all those girls who had somehow forgotten to bring their PE gear! Then her early teaching efforts soon became an after-school club.

Over the years Rosemary’s interest in yoga never waned, but when the Dunedin studio opened in 2009 she discovered 26+2, she quickly became a hugely loyal fan. It was a big decision to sign up for the recent OHYNZ Hot Yoga Teacher Training course, but she couldn’t resist the opportunity to try out her teaching skills for real. Rosemary absolutely loved the challenges of the course and all that it involved.

Rosemary really loves how the heat and humidity of the 26+2 series allows everyone to stretch safely, developing strength and flexibility along the way. She finds the concentration and meditation involved especially valuable, and the increase in her energy is another great benefit that lasts beyond the hot room. She still finds it magical that the sequence is always the same, yet every class is different, and no matter what, you never regret that you showed up on your mat!

In her Grown-Up life, Rosemary works in museums, and has been involved in projects and exhibitions around the world, including Egypt, Tibet and Switzerland. Who knows where to next but for the moment Dunedin seems pretty perfect!